Kempston Truck Hire is South Africa’s trusted vehicle-hire partner

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Finding a reliable truck hire service is essential for moving goods or transporting cargo in South Africa. Kempston Truck Hire stands out as a trusted partner in the industry, offering diverse truck options, exceptional customer service, nationwide coverage, and transparent pricing. Whether it’s for the film industry vehicle hire or agriculture industry truck rental, Kempston Truck Hire is your go-to solution.

Moving goods or cargo in South Africa requires a reliable truck hire service.

When it comes to moving goods or transporting cargo in South Africa, finding a reliable truck hire service is paramount. Whether it’s for the mining, agriculture, retail, or food industry, the right vehicle rental solution ensures efficiency and safety. That’s where Kempston Truck Hire comes in, offering truck rental South Africa services that cater to various needs.


Kempston Truck Hire is highlighted as a trusted partner for this purpose.

With a legacy dating back to 1973, Kempston Truck Hire has become a trusted partner in the South African truck rental industry. From Isuzu Bakkie Hire to specialized Fridge Trucks Rental, they provide a comprehensive fleet to serve different sectors.


Advantages of choosing truck hire include cost-effectiveness, maintenance coverage, and time/resource savings.

Choosing truck hire from Kempston Truck Hire is not only cost-effective but also includes maintenance coverage and saves time and resources. With competitive pricing and in-house mechanics, they offer budget-friendly options that take the hassle out of vehicle logistics.


Kempston Truck Hire offers a wide range of truck options to suit different requirements.

Whether you need a Hyundai 1.3 Ton H100 drop-side truck for the retail industry or a 6×4 Truck Tractor for mining, Kempston Truck Hire has you covered. Their fleet hire includes various options like Curtain-Side Trucks, Enclosed-Body Trucks, and more to suit your specific requirements.


Exceptional customer service is a core feature, with professionals assisting in selecting the right truck and guiding through the rental process.

Kempston Truck Hire prides itself on exceptional customer service. Their professionals assist in selecting the right truck, guiding you through the rental process, and even providing certified driver hire. It’s all about creating a seamless experience for businesses and individuals seeking transportation solutions.


The company’s extensive branch network ensures nationwide coverage for various transportation needs.

With branches in major cities like Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, and more, Kempston Truck Hire ensures nationwide coverage. Whether you’re looking for truck hire in East London or vehicle rental in Richards Bay, they’ve got you covered.


Transparent pricing with upfront quotes and flexible rental options is emphasized.

Transparent pricing is a hallmark of Kempston Truck Hire. With upfront quotes available on their online quote page, they offer flexible rental options that cater to both short-term and long-term needs.


Kempston Truck Hire is recommended for businesses and individuals seeking transportation solutions.

From commercial vehicle hire to passenger vehicle rental, Kempston Truck Hire is recommended for all your transportation needs. Their theft recovery team and comprehensive fleet management make them a top choice for South African Truck Rental.


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